Information for the visitors of the exhibition

Euro Shoes

— Early deliveries

The leading European manufacturers choose Euro Shoes to present the new season’s collection before MICAM and GDS — the major European exhibitions. You would get a unique opportunity to make early bookings and to ensure early deliveries to yourstores.

— Careful exhibitors’ selection

The presentation demonstrates shoe and accessory brands from Europe (Austria, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Portugal, France, Finland, Switzerland), as well as from Brazil and the U.S.A. It is very beneficial for both exhibitors and visitors. The retailers are provided with an excellent product range matching the needs of their target audience. The growing competition forces the manufacturers to be more attentive to their own products and services and to take into account what brands they haveto share shelves with in the shops at the same time.

— New brands

Approximately 1000 brands will take part in the Presentation. Some of them will be presented in Russia for the first time. Thisis a great opportunity to find suppliers with whom your competitors still do not work.

Euro Shoes Premiere Collection will be held 27.08 - 30.08.2018 in pavilions 4, 4.1 «Sokolniki» exhibition centre. We offer youto complete the form for your convenience, to get the invitation to your e-mail and to exchange it at the registration desk for a freebadge valid for all exhibition days.

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